Security & Testing

Security & Testing

Innopact, with its team of Certified Ethical Hackers (CEH), can ensure that your application is secure from any issues, and meets the stated security requirements like confidentiality, authorization, authentication, availability and integrity.These include a set of comprehensive checks for testing the security of your web application and ensuring that no vulnerabilities are missed during testing.

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QA & Testing

We deploy agile software testing methodologies and applications, testing lab, and testing management tools such as TestRails, JIRA, Mantis, RedMine, Trello & Basecamp, to deliver quality assurance, quality engineering and digital software testing services.we enable businesses like yours to meet customer demands with high-quality software.

Data Security

With the increase in cases of cyber attacks, organizations need to be prompt in ensuring the safety of their data. Innopact can help you by providing value and expertise in everything from security strategy and risk management to network penetration testing and securing your organization’s infrastructure.

Cloud Security

Cloud Security includes the overall procedures, rules, policies including which cloud platform and its associated terms like applications and data associated with it can be made secure from different kinds of threats and vulnerabilities.It ensures data stability by encrypting the personal information which can be sensitive to different sources.